Have you ever …

…seen anything so dumb, so insincere, and so annoying as every member of congress leaping to their feet to applaud when the President mentions anything even remotely related to the military?

This brood of vipers and money changers that are about to gut veterans benifits/retirements and have been undercutting the troops in the field expect us to believe that they support us because they jumped up and clapped?

Ladies and gentlemen of the Congress, Sit The Hell Down.  You are embarrassing yourselves and insulting us.  This nonsense, along with “I support the troops but not the war,” has to end.  You can’t cut benefits and entitlements to military members or cut funding for ONGOING operations in the field and say you support the troops.  I don’t care if you leapt so high out of your seat to applaud you had to get clearance from the  tower at Reagan International to land, you are a phony, a fraud, a flim-flammer, a bam-boozeler.  Yeah, those are words.  Play me in scrabble and I’ll dare you to challenge them.

Some of you members of congress only have so many precious beats of your heart left.  Yeah, I’m looking at you McCain.  Save your energy folks, don’t waste it on false displays of patriotism.  Go sell it to someone else cause we ain’t buying.  Elect me President and the first member of congress that stands to applaud at the mention of the military will be forced to join it.  Don’t worry Barney Frank, chem gear comes in your size too.  You’re going to love our Meals Ready to Eat.  Although they might not love you back.

Oh, there was a speech tonight.  The only thing I’ll say about that is thank God the President didn’t use the same tired phrase about inheriting the worst economy since the depression.  Omitting that phrase tonight marks the first time he has not used it since his inauguration.  Hopefully he finally came to his senses and fired the toothless, half-wit who kept telling him that it was a good speech opener even though we are just about 3 years into his term.  Ok Mr. President, you said some things tonight, now lets see you act on some things.

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