You know it’s going to be a great political season when…

… Senator Bob Corker (R TN) is getting primary challenged.  Sen Corker is a first termer who, by most accounts, has done a decent job for TN.  However a certain resident from the Volunteer State doesn’t think so.

Accusing Sen Corker of hiding behind his money because he has no good ideas, Bedford County resident Mark Twain (R), yes Mark Twain, will primary challenge Sen Corker.  For some reason Twain does’t use his last name of Clemens while campaigning.  Hmm, I wonder why?  With a working plan and 500k Twain thinks he can beat Corker.  One of Twain’s more astute observations/retorts when questioned about the, well let’s just say it, lack of intelligence in challenging Corker, “…if America ain’t here in 20 years, well, that ain’t gonna be good at all.”  Well put Mark, well put.

Two boxing quotes come to mind here.  The first is obvious, as the great Don King said “Only in America”.  The second encapsulates Twain’s campaign philosophy in taking on Sen Corker and comes to us from none other than that sage of sages Mike Tyson – “Everyone has a plan until you hit them in the mouth”.

Well here’s to you Mark Twain, you go boy.  But after you hit Sen Corker in the mouth you best get to running because he’s filthy rich and can probably hire hit-men. Real hit-men, Italians, not those dime store dopes you see in the movies.

God Bless America, but Tennessee first.

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