GOP Primary: Mittmentum rolling early.

First results in.  Newt takes his former home state of Georgia in a runaway.  He was actually born in Pennsylvania and has lived in Virginia since he went to congress a long long time ago.  Not on the ballot in his current state of Virginia due to organizational issues in his campaign, Gingrich hopes Georgia is the start of a southern strategy that will bring him Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Well TN is out.  Mitt and Santorum are in a dead heat there.  Alabama and Mississippi vote later this month and Newt could make some headway.

Now for the real race.  Mitt has won Virginia and Vermont.  He will win Massachusetts and has pulled even in Ohio and TN with Santorum.  A win for Mitt in either OH or TN and a close second in the other and Santo will be in the hurt box.

The race is about delegates.  Mitt can really stretch his lead tonight.

Stay tuned.  We’ll be here all night and it’ll be a long one.  TN, Mass, Oklahoma, and Ohio close polls in 15 minutes.

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