GOP Primary: Romney wins all 32 delegates in Idaho – pulls ahead in Ohio

As expected Mitt Romney won the Idaho caucus by such a large margin that he took all of the states 32 delegates.  Unlike earlier caucuses, Idaho’s are actual delegates, actually awarded.

As the Cleveland and Cincinnati area votes come in Romney begins to pull a head by quite a bit in Ohio.   In the case of Ohio, Romney will win both the popular vote and delegate count.  2 huge reason for this.  First and foremost, the Santorum campaign failed to register delegates in several counties in Ohio.  He forfeited about 19 delegates.  So even if he wins a county he gets no delegates if he didn’t register delegates in that county.  At this moment Romney’s vote total has moved past the auto recount margin, meaning if his lead holds up he will win Ohio straight up and take a lot of the 66 delegates Ohio offers.

2nd and crazier reason – Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman got over 9000 votes combined, even though they are no longer in the race.  5K happens to be the current margin between Santorum and Mitt.  If Santo loses by that much, expect him to whine about it tomorrow on the talk shows.  Right after he whines about getting outspent.

Some chicanery going on behind the scenes involving high level spokespersons in the Gingrich and Santorum campaigns.  According to Fox news two big wigs had a little hissy fit, demanding the other drop out of the race.

Say what you want about Karl Rove, the dude is smart, and right most of the time.  He predicted the Romney comeback in Ohio and has rightly assessed Romney’s biggest win being Georgia.  Why Georgia, because that big win for Newt keeps Newt in the race, which hurts Santorum.

Ohio not called yet and waiting on the Alaska numbers.  Delegates, delegates, delegates, its’ all about delegate count.  Don’t be fooled by the network coverage hype, they have to fill 6 hours of coverage.   Follow the math, that’s where the winner is.

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