Super Tuesday in Knoxville

Well this is it.  Super Tuesday: 10 states, 437 delegates at stake, for some, and 24 hours of pure excitement.  OK, maybe not a lot of excitement for most, but definitely for me.  For ease of information there is a chart at the bottom of this post with the states involved, their delegate count, and links to their state election boards or GOP leadership, incase you want to read up on how a particular state will handle tonights election and it’s delegates.  You can see the same chart by clicking the Primary Voting Schedule link to the right.

Was really hoping to stand in line with Frank on election day but the little patriot took ill and camped out in bed with his mommy.  So I forged on alone to Blue Grass Elementary school to cast my vote.  Wanting to see a big crowd, meet some people, and do a few interviews but apparently 1:15 in the PM is a great time to vote if you want to be the only one in the joint.

I did catch these folks getting their democracy on.  But in a heartbeat they were gone.  Then it was just me and ten machines of pure American democracy.  Feel the power!

Leaning left - must be an Obama man











Not sure if taking photos in a polling place is legal.  If it’s not then I didn’t take these I found them on the street.

Democracy at 9 feet 11 inches.













Couldn’t find anyone who wanted to go on the record, so I cast my ballot and shot home to take care of my own little sick ward.  Going to be a fun night tonight.  But as I have said in the past if you’re not fired up about tonight, no problem.  I’ll be fired up enough for all of you.  Check back throughout the night for updates.  Several polls, including the polls in TN close at 8.  Look for Ohio and Tennessee to take a while to count.  Latest polling shows them locked in a dead heat between Mitt and Rick.   But several states will be called early like Virginia and Massachusetts.

As usual we’ll be on top of it here at Frank’s Place.


Shameless Plug Time

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State and Delegate Chart


27 Caucus Caucus Information from Alaska GOP
76 Primary Primary Information from Georgia Department of State
32 Caucus Caucus Information from Idaho GOP
41 Primary Primary Information from MA Sec. of Commonwealth
North Dakota 28 Caucus Caucus Information from North Dakota GOP
66 Primary Primary Information from Ohio Department of State
43 Primary Primary Information from Oklahoma State Election Board
58 Primary Primary Information from Tennessee Department of State
17 Primary Primary Information from Vermont Department of State
49 Primary Primary Information from Virginia Board of Elections-Only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul will appear on the VA ballot, see this report

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