Wisconsin Primary: Mitt Makes Swiss Cheese – out of Santorum

Had a Badger joke for the headline, but it just didn’t feel right.  Swiss Cheese is the best I’ve got at the moment.

After taking most, if not all, of the delegates in Maryland and the District of Columbia (DC), Romney took all of the delegates in Wisconsin.  The Badger state is winner take all, meaning a candidate only needs to win the total vote in the state to get all the delegates.  Wisconsin has 42 delegates and they all slide into Romney’s column.

Breaking:  I must at this moment, 10:01pm in the east, confess that I’m liking Piers Morgan of CNN more and more as a political analyst.  He only fills that roll on election nights, the rest of the time he does a Larry King-esque type show.  But heaven help me, the little limey (he’s british) has a good handle on our political system.  He also asks great questions to folks from both sides of the political divide.

OK, back to the action.  Santorum gave his speech earlier in the night, from Pittsburgh.  Good strategy when you’re about to get your rear end punted across two states and one District.  As usual he whined about fighting against the money and the machine.  Not sure if Romney is the money or the machine, maybe he’s both.  Who knows.  What we do know: Romney is the winner in all three primaries tonight and has taken a huge delegate haul.

Santorum went on to say it’s only half-time in the race and he’s ready to start the second half at the Pennsylvania primary on April 24th with it’s 72 delegates.  Santorum’s problem: New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island vote that night as well.  Rick went on to make up history and re-write the facts about Washington crossing the Delaware River into Trenton to surprise the Hessians.  Then he somehow mangled that into some meaningless points about the other candidates and how they campaign.

He then went on a riff using the phrase “You Know Me” time and time again.  Hey Rick, these people that know you are the same people that handed you the worst defeat of an incumbent senator in the history of our political system.  Just a god awful speech, in content and delivery.  When he loses, his speeches are delivered with a breathy, whiny, pleading tone.  He then says “this ain’t halftime, no marching bands. We’re getting on the field. Let’s go.”  Not making this up.  Rick, you crazy bastard, you just said it was half time and Pennsyl….. oh never mind.  Enough of this dolt.  Here are the stats from tonight’s butt kicking.


Romney – 50% wins majority of awarded delegates

Santorum – 29%

Gingrich – 11%

Paul – 9%

District of Columbia

Romney – 69% wins all 16 delegates

Santorum – failed to get on ballot (dope)

Paul – 13%

Gingrich – 11%  (good lord, the dude lives there, works there, and lost to Paul)

Wisconsin – numbers will change slightly when all counting is complete, result will not

Romney – 44%  Wins all 42 delegates

Santorum – 38%

Paul – 11%

Gingrich – 6% (hahahah)

At the current time it looks like Santorum will get around 12 delegates and Romney will take the other 81 that were available tonight.  That number may move up or down by a delegate or two as the states finish all the counting.  Either way it’s a huge win for Romney.  He won all three states, won the first winner take all state, took all but a handful of delegates and will reap some serious fund raising from all of this.

I’m not sure what Santorum and Gingrich hope to achieve by staying in the race.  They are now holding up the republican nominee from totally focusing on the general election and they are making him spend money he could use for the campaign against the President.  So to break it down, they are being a couple of big poopy pants.

Check back in the morning hours if you want to see the final delegate count.  The delegate counter is to the right, on Frank’s Place home page.

Next up, the 5 northeastern states mentioned above.  Those primaries occur on Tuesday, 24 April, so that’s three weeks to relax and watch the awesomeness unfold.



GOP Primary: DC and Maryland to Mitt

In no surprise Mitt Romney has coasted to victory in both DC and Maryland. It appears he may take all the delegates from both primaries. But the big prize tonight is Wisconsin, a winner take all state with 42 delegates up for grabs.

Polls in Wisconsin close at 9pm eastern. You know cause they are not on real time like eastern standard but instead follow the more snooty central time. I kid, I’m a kidder.

This count should be quicker unless it gets close, if so you can expect a long evening.

Can’t wait to hear Newt’s speech when he comes in 3rd or even last most of the night.

Check back for Wisconsin results in a bit.