Diary of a Stay At Home Dad: Hey Frank It’s Masters Week!

So when I thank God for things, something I don’t do often enough, in the top 5 things is Frank’s love of golf.  He began watching it early out of necessity.  I had the golf channel on all the time during the week and the network coverage playing during the weekend and Frank was somewhat captive until he could crawl.

Frank’s attention span for the golf channel gradually grew.  At the moment, he’ll be 3 in May, Frank will watch for about 30 minutes.  After about ten minutes he runs to get his golf club.   He has no prejudice when it comes to golf, he’ll watch women’s golf,  European Tour, Champion’s Tour, and of course the PGA.

He’s always bugging me to hit balls in the back yard.  We use some golf whiffle balls and his club is a controller holder for the Nintendo wii.

So in honor of the greatest game ever, during the greatest tournament ever I give you, The Mini-Master: A Frank Pictorial.

A champion trains in weather

cut em dad, cut em. I can't hold the club.

Grooving his move

It's warm, the grass is green, let's tee it up!

Taking a stance.

Hey Mr. Mike watch this!

No worries Mom. This one's going to the dance floor.

Good backswing

Driving his hips to the hitting zone

Hips clear, shoulders clear, head down - ball on the way.

Hold the finish. Wait for the applause.

























































I hope you have enjoyed the pictures as much as I have enjoyed hitting balls with my 2yr old son.  Two things Franks says that I’ll remember forever: “Let’s hit balls daddy” and now when I hit one I get “Nice shot daddy.”

For those that partake – enjoy The Masters.