GOP Primary: Bumbles Bounce!

…and apparently so does Newt Gingrich.  Well at least his checks do.  In attempting to get on the ballot for the Utah primary, the Gingrich campaign sent a very elastic $500 check to the Utah board of elections.  The check was last seen bounding toward the Great Salt Lake muttering something about being bounced out of better places than this.

A few observations/questions jump out at:

So at this moment Gingrich is not on the ballot in Utah?

Gingrich is trying to get on the ballot in Utah?  It’s the very last primary and occurs on June 26th.  My money was on Newt being in jail or divorced by then.  Huh, what do I know.

Newt can’t cover a $500 check on April 10th and he thinks he can campaign all the way to June 26th?  Newt are you sure you got your PhD at Tulane and not through an ad in the back of Popular Mechanics Magazine?  As a fellow history major I implore you; stop bro, just stop.

Gingrich seems to believe Santorum’s departure from the race opens the door for him.  Members from his campaign were dropping quotes to the media that Newt now has a chance.  Newt himself sent out a message on Twitter that he is now the last conservative standing and the only one with a chance to beat the President in November.  Where to start, where to start….

I guess bouncing $500 checks is still considered standing.  I can’t imagine what standard Newt is using to define “still standing”.  The bounced check isn’t the tip of the ice-berg but it’s not the bottom either.  He bounced most of his staff last week, bounced a minuscule check this week, who knows what or whom he’ll bounce next week.

In actual important news, Rasmussen Poll numbers show the President and Mitt Romney in a hypothetical matchup and have them at a dead heat, 45% each.  Rasmussen’s site is a good read and an easy way to keep up with all the polling leading up to the Presidential election in November.  You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.  Find them here: Daily Tracking

Neither the President nor Romney has unleashed the money bomb on the other yet so the poll numbers will change a lot over the next few months.  This won’t be the Arizona pauper vs. the Chicago rich kid like McCain/Obama was in 08.  Both the President and Romney have serious money and will spend every nickel from now until November.

Negative ads will be flooding your TV, mail, e-mail….  Get ready.

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