Off Topic: My Journey to the 1%

Well it was inevitable.  I can no longer resist the temptation.  The wolves are beating at the door and I have let them in.  Advertisers have tried to give me their money to write ads and post them to Frank’s Place for some time now.  I have decided to write some advertising for a site called TicketAmerica.  They “have taken a fancy” to the blog and would like some ads written in that style.  God help them for they no not what they ask for.  Of course after they see the first few they may not be back for more.  Who knows.

So starting today you will see some posts advertising events that TicketAmerica wants to shill tickets for.  Well, I guess I’m the one doing the shilling.  A separate category has been created called Paid Advertisements, where those posts will eventually end up.

Fear not, I will still be churning out goofy stories about Frank and hopefully soon a lot more about Anne Marie.  I will also be ridiculing, castigating and otherwise casting aspersions on our political establishment.   I’ll just use the rest of my free time to become a millionaire ad writer.

With any luck some drum circles and less than motivated hippies will appear on my cul-de-sac indicating I have arrived.

We are the dirty rich!

4 comments on “Off Topic: My Journey to the 1%

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Fran and well deserved! Frank and Ann Marie should get royalities of some type though! 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, now you’re a complete sell out. Congrats. Maybe Coyne will be coming to you soon.

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