Off Topic: Oh Nutella, where have you been my whole life.

Seriously, how have I not known about this Nutella stuff before.  It is truly amazing.  A little 16oz jar of hazelnut goodness.  As my buddy John would say, “It’s will change your life.”  Amen brother, amen.  We happen to get a little jar of the stuff from a friend.

Awesome in a jar!

You’re a bad person Reita, a bad, bad, person.  But we truly thank you Reita, for the flowers, the gift for Frank, and for my next visit to the ER for hazelnut poising.  Even my mother-in-law is all over it.  She said, “I could drink this stuff.”  Hahaha, and she’s a healthy eater.

Thank God I didn’t find this stuff while I was still in the military.  They would have literally bounced me out on the fat boy program.  I mean a myriad of reality shows would have been knocking down my door.  1 Ton Dad, Return to Fat Camp, Biggest Loser, are just a few that come to mind.   I may have even got on Celebrity Rehab.  I’m not a celeb, but that’s some good TV.  I love that show.

Anyway, right now, as I sit here and type, I am bloated from the 3 Nutella and bread sandwiches I just ate, in rapid succession.  I couldn’t walk this off if someone was pushing me in a buggy.  I can hear the jar right now, calling me, daring me to go for another one.  The bread is not speaking, just nodding in agreement.  I would do it  too, but I can’t standup.  Might have to do a few sit-ups tomorrow.

Well maybe Thursday.

9 comments on “Off Topic: Oh Nutella, where have you been my whole life.

  1. Roy aka Reitas bro says:

    What? Only 3 sandwiches? Puke and rally! LOL!!

  2. Just added you to the infamous tweet, hehe
    On the nutela post, hmm.. Really don’t get the addicting rushing state, perhaps I am not that sweet.. hmm. I kid, but my kids kill for it, still don’t know why..
    Enjoy your hazel!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I found this stuff last year. It is delicious. I purposely do NOT buy it, as I too would be in one of those reality shows!

  4. Oh God, Nutella. ….Oh my God…THAT’S why I gained so much weight just after college. Curse you, Nutella!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Agreed Nutella Rocks! Tried it about a year ago and hooked ever since.

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