This just in has ……tickets – and no this is not spam and I have not been hacked.

justin bieber tickets

mana tickets

kid cudi tickets has concert tickets for justin bieber and the spanish group mana as well as the hottest rapper kid cudi.

Clearly everyone knows who Justin Bieber is.  If not , well, your life is probably way too fulfilled.  As far as the other two, Mana and Kid Cudi, never heard of them.  I’m sure there is a search engine type web site out there that might have information on them by simply typing in the name.  But is paying me so they must be good, right?  I mean that’s how advertising works, because I’m pretty sure it’s how they do it on Madmen.

This advertisement brought to you by – if you’re not getting your tickets from us you must not be an American.  

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