Off Topic: Congratulations!!!!

The votes have been tallied, the count verified, the appropriate judges bribed.  Announcing the inaugural Frank’s Place T-Shirt give-a-way.  The categories and winners are listed below.  If you’re a lucky winner, e-mail me your t-shirt size and mailing address, and as soon as Frank is up from his nap he’ll ship those right out.

Ok enough stalling, I’m not going to do you like they do on those dopey reality talent shows where they go on and on and then break for commercial before revealing the winner.  Yeah, I’m looking at you Seacrest.

Early Bird: non-blogger division – The very first Frank’s Place t-shirt goes to our very first registered follower.  This person showed initiative and of course good judgement by being the first person to sign up to receive Frank’s Place posts through her e-mail.  Annnnnnnd the winner is:  Marisa Stone, USA.  Congrats Marisa!

Everyone Has an Opinion: non-blogger division – The next coveted garment goes to Frank’s Place very first commenter.  There is nothing a blogger likes more than attention.  We watch our stats page closer than we watch our children, so comments are like crack, or in my case, diet coke.   This person also became the second e-mail signer upper as well.  The EHaO winner is: Becky Kraslawsky, USA!

Follower From Another Country: blogger division – This one caused a little controversy.  The blogger’s country showed up as the US.  After some detective work, mainly reading his profile on his blog, it was discovered that he is in fact in China.  China does not allow the use of social media. Registration with servers in the US that make it possible to jump the firewall in China is required.  Frank decided to allow it, and hey who am I to argue.  For dogged determination and for boldly going where few would want to go, the FFAC winner is: blogger Nate Wintle, Ya’an, Sichuan, China.  Congrats Nate.  Due to a sizing mix up at the factory, Nate will be accepting a t-shirt for his daughter.  You can read about Nate and his family at his blog Happiest Baby in the World.

Congratulations again to all our winners.  Get your shirt size, except you Nate, and your shipping address, especially you Nate, to me at  Shirts will go out ASAP.  Pictures of said shirts below.

Keep an eye of Frank’s Place, you never know when the next round of winners will be announced.  Frank can get a little crazy sometimes, probably why we call him crazy Frank, and he’ll send merchandise flying off the shelves.


One comment on “Off Topic: Congratulations!!!!

  1. Becky K. says:

    I won! I won! That is totally RAD!! I am a size (girl) M or a (boy) size S.


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