Diary of a Stay At Home Dad: Five pounds of baby

Hard to imagine we would ever get to this moment.  Ten weeks ago we were looking at a 1 pound baby.  Today the little runt crossed the 5 pound plateau.  Ultimately it doesn’t mean much, she just weighs five pounds.  It’s not a particularly big medical milestone.  But it just feels like a big deal.  I can’t really explain it but for some reason we were getting excited when she was closing in on 5 pounds.  Anyway here is what a 5 pound baby, who used to weigh 1 pound, looks like.

Five Pounds of Solid Steel

The fact that AM is taking a bottle once or twice a day is a bigger medical deal.  She normally gets her formula and breast milk through a feeding tube.  Lately she has been getting one bottle per 12 hour  shift.  She took 30 cc of a 40 cc bottle the other day.  That is huge.  The suck – swallow – breathe  reflex that every baby needs to be able to eat is a hallmark of a preemie’s maturity.  It’s normally an intuitive skill.  While it’s still intuitive for a baby born 3 and 1/2 months early, it takes a while to develop.  So all signs on that front look good.

Here are a few shots of Anne Marie feeding.  The face to the side action is to help keep her from choking if she gets ahead of herself and takes too much milk.

More Please

Hey! Where did he go?!?












“I got your 1 pound baby right here bro.” BOOM


Another first was achieved this week.  She beat her big brother to this milestone by about three years.  I’m of course speaking of the vulgarity.  Frank started dropping the “D – word” a few weeks ago.  For some reason he fires off the word damn-it in three round bursts.  I have no clue.  Well, Anne Marie has topped her big brother.  This may be a portent of sibling battles to come.  In fact I’m sure it is.  Take a good look at the next picture.  What do you see?






Hahaha.  That’s my girl!