Diary of a Stay At Home Dad: From the brain of a 3 year old

He’s no longer a babe and he no longer just repeats stuff he hears.  Well, sometimes he does, but now he’s formulating thoughts and then speaking.  Besides the unintentional comedy, it’s an interesting process to watch.  But this isn’t a dopey “Dr” Phil blog on the sociology and psychology of child development, it’s  all about the funny stuff my kids do.  So on with the unintentional comedy.  For your reading pleasure, the musings and verbalizations of my 3 year old son Frank:

I can’t like that.  Not sure where he picked this up but he now says it anytime you ask him to do something.  Things he loves doing he now can’t like.  He still does them anyway he just wants us to know his feelings on the matter first.

I need food.  My stomach is grumbly.  Pretty sure he stole this from Winnie the Pooh.  But he used it on me when I was a little slow in prepping his morning yogurt with cinnamon.

I’m cross!  Said with accompanying mad face.  I know he stole this from Thomas the Tank Engine.  Whenever the engines become indignant in the slightest they get a mad face and say “I’m Cross!”  As if the face didn’t give it away.  Silly trains.

Daddy you’re the biggest daddy.  Uncomfortable moment, as he was looking at my belly when he said it.  I hardly believe I’m the biggest daddy.  I mean I may be in the 95 percentile for daddies in the U.S or even North America, but in the whole world, I don’t think so my friend.  Still waiting on the Bureau of Weights and Measures to verify.

I’m a bad Frank.  We were playing “balloons” and he let the ballon hit the ground.  His shoulders slumped, his face soured, it was pitiful.  It would have been really sad expect for the drama bug he got from his mom.  He so exaggerated the face and shoulder action that I laughed uncontrollable for amore than a few minutes.

Mommy’s making walker-milk!  Yeah, I’m probably going to get in trouble for this one.  First of all, Frank calls water, walker.  Well he walked in on Tracy while she was pumping breast milk and he wanted to know what she was doing.  She told him she was making milk for Anne Marie.  That was good enough for Frank.  When I saw him in the hallway he told me mommy was making walker-milk for Anne Marie.

I need a cheeseburger for my mouth.  The only way this can be funnier is hearing at 4:00am after I asked him why he was out of bed.

That smells tasty!  His first Peppridge Farm Mint Milano cookie.  I got nothing for this.

My friend Jeff said the one negative, if there is one, about Frank starting school last year would be the improvement in his enunciation.   You know, all the cute ways the little sleep stealers say things would start to change as the teacher corrects them when they mispronounce words.  Jeff was right to an extent.  But like I mentioned earlier Frank still says walker instead of water – that’s one of our favorites.  Here’s a few more.

Favorite cartoon characters:

From the movie Cars – Lightning McQueen pronounced wighting deQueen  

Francesco pronounced Bacesco

Favorite animals:

Panther pronounced Panfer!  Always said with excitement for some reason.

Hippopotamus pronounced Hippothomas  This one is our favorite.  Although he can actually say hippopotamus now so he may just be humoring the biggest daddy.

Crazy kid.

8 comments on “Diary of a Stay At Home Dad: From the brain of a 3 year old

  1. Kathy says:

    LOL. Ok I ca’t like it is a SeanMan original that he grew out of but the rest of us didn’t!!!!

  2. Zona Ash says:

    Thanks for the much needed smile, as I dropped off my precious little guy, now 16, at Governor’s school for computational physics yesterday. Frank, I love that you like to say Hippothomas! These are my favorite animals! Fran, I think I know another biggest Daddy, so you are in good company! Love to you family!

  3. Simon says:

    I need a Cheeseburger for my mouth needs to be on a bumper sticker, and a T shirt. Hilarious stuff man.

  4. Aunt Jane says:

    yes the first sentence sean ever said was I can’t like this breakfast he was two seconds from going to speech pathologist!!!!!

  5. Roar Sweetly says:

    I laughed out loud at these. Toddlers are truly priceless!

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