Vapor cigarettes – are you kidding me!?!

What is a v2cig? Well to put it bluntly it’s a smokeless cigarette with zero tar and even better, no smoke smell. has the best electronic cigarettes as well as the best vapor cigarettes.

Now I’ve never tried a regular cigarette let alone a vapor or a smokeless one. So how can I say has the best? Well I go by the reviews and the endorsements from national companies that do try this stuff.

But like I tell everybody, do your own research. The web site is easy to navigate and of course they advertise their #1 ranking as the best electronic cigarette in America. They have the data to back it up.

Go read at

Smart is good.

Healthy is better.

Technical Difficulties at Frank’s Place


The last post y’all got bombarded with had some technical issues.   It was a lack of payment from a supposed advertiser.  The post was removed and my kneecap re-arranger was dispatched to “work out” the difficulties.  

Sorry for leading you all on a little goose chase.

My bad.