Good cause update: Look what Y’all did.


Goal met. And then some. Thanks y’all.


















Wow.  Not much else to say, except thanks.  It’s a great cause and one that’s hit home for my family.  My sister will be a survivor.

For the Warden!


My Aunt Joan is a survivor.

This day was specifically for breast cancer but my brother-in-law Bob just recently beat cancer and is also in his maintenance mode.

So it’s a big deal.

Apparently Knoxville thinks it’s a big deal too.  About 10,000 people showed up to run/walk this thing.  And it was cold.  Not northeast cold, but Knoxville cold.  About 50 degrees at race time.  And then the rain started.  It occurred to me that only golfers and charity race runners are up this early on a Saturday.  Although as a gofer, I would not have put a toe out from under the covers in this weather.

Here is the squad that braved the weather.

It’s cold. It’s raining. It’s a good cause.

As I said this is a big event in Knoxville for a lot of good reasons.  The Susan G. Komen foundation does a great job with it.  They have to.  Herding 10,000 people into position who aren’t listening to the directions over the loud speakers requires some skill.

Here is what they were up against.

Just us some of our 10,000 close friends out for a walk.


The lady on the right in the pink hat is a 29 year survivor.

She thanks you.  My sister thanks you.  I thank you.

Friends of Frank’s Place – you came up big.

Here is the link if you still want to get in on it.

Team Kathy