Diary of a Stay at Home Dad: Not to be outdone…

This Halloween has been a lot of fun.  At the age of 3 Frank is finally getting it and enjoying putting on his costume.  Big school party today so he got to show off.

Too cool for school.

Frank’s costume is cool.  I mean when are flight suits not cool on a 3 year old.  Especially when you consider the only thing not authentic are the boots he’s wearing.  The patches are all real and from my old unit in Jersey.  The flight cap is official Air Force issue and the LT Col Oak Leaf on the hat is from his Uncle’s Army uniform.  Frank added the sunglasses for show.  The boots turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment at first but then became funny.

We got the boots at the last second and for a steal. Patent leather boots for ten bucks.  So I slap them on this morning to send Frank off to school.  He takes one step and I hear a squeak like from a dog’s chew toy.  He starts running, and I get running dog chew toy noises.  The heels of these freaking boots have squeaky noisy things in them.  Frank loved it.  I didn’t.  I also didn’t think he teachers would be to fond of it either.  I sent  a pair of shoes along with him in case it started to drive them batty, but they were fine with it.  They said the noise of the class drowned out his boots anyway. However they called him squeaky all day long.  Gotta be careful with stuff like that.  One bad nickname can stick to you for the rest of your life.  You think dudes like being called stinky, or skippy, or tiny (normally a fat guy), their whole lives?  Anyway,  while Frank’s costume was cool and entertaining at the same time, his sister’s costume was awesome.

His sister of course is only 7 months old and could give a flying rats behind about halloween unless that means unlimited bottles and more nap time on daddy.  But that’s not to say she didn’t get into, or get forced into, the spirt of the whole thing.  She can’t go outside because it’s flu and RSV season, and those things are bad news for any little kid, but even more so for a preemie.  But Tracy wanted her to have a costume, so we had to come up with a costume.  Tracy came up with a great idea and Grammy’s unparalleled sewing skills came through again.

There was really only one appropriate costume for this kid to wear.  Check it.

That’s our Super Girl.
















Here is the cape.

Yeah, it’s ten kinds of awesome.















It was so obvious really.  She couldn’t be anything but Super Girl.  She’s been that for 7 months now.  She didn’t get to spend too much time outside.  Grammy brought her out to the halloween pizza party in our cul-de-sac but too may germy kids and the temp drove Super Girl back inside.

Much like Super Man, who was impervious to every weapon and every enemy ever, but could be felled by one little rock from his home planet, she can deal with heart surgeries, getting the wrong medication, no heart beat, no breathing, etc… but one little germ could be the end of her.  Just can’t risk the flu or RSV.  We’ve come so far, no need to screw it up now.

Even Super Girl has her kryptonite.