Paid Advertisement: Deal Dash – It’s the real deal.

Have you ever seen friends on your facebook page show up with a picture like this and the words, “so and so likes…” next to it?

Deal Dash

Deal Dash

I have, and now I finally know what it’s all about. It’s from a web site called DealDash.

Deal Dash is a penny auction site, where apparently you must have the patience of a mongoose ready to strike a cobra. It’s a lot like that other site that starts with e and ends with Bay, except it’s more exciting, all products are new, and shipping is free and immediate, not dependent on seller.

Gotta be honest, I had my doubts but I’ve been checking the site out for the last two days, reading the reviews, etc… It’s legit folks. Those deals they have on their home page are real. What I found in the reviews is patience is the key if you want to land those really incredible deals. So time will be as big an investment as your pennies. And it is truly a penny auction. Each bid is a penny at a time. The bids always start at 0.00 American dollars and each bid pushes the price up one penny at a time.

The site has a frequently asked questions tab for some good help before getting started and according to the reviews the support people may be the friendliest on the internet.

So if you have the time and the pennies and like the excitement of winning stuff, take a run at DealDash.

DealDash – If you can’t get to a casino, it’s the next best thing!

One comment on “Paid Advertisement: Deal Dash – It’s the real deal.

  1. 1st-time mom says:

    hmm sound interesting; I will have to check it out.

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