Paid Advertisement: Silver Sky Imports – Direct from the Himalayas!

Have you ever looked around your abode and just thought, “Ya know, this place is great but it’s missing that special something to make it a home.” Yeah me neither, but no matter. Silver Sky Imports most certainly has the one thing no home should be without. Singing Bowls. Yeah I said it, Singing Bowls.

Made in Tibet and Nepal, these little wonders add a touch of class to any living space. Plus they make music! How in the world is that possible you ask? Well go to the web site and they teach you how to play your bowl. I’m not kidding, these bowls really sing once you know how to play them. You can even listen to the sound each bowl makes before you buy.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

But Silver Sky isn’t just a one trick pony, they do more than bowls, they have everything from wooden healing masks to handbags. And who doesn’t need a good oak healing mask after dropping so much coin on a handbag?

The site has everything from tutorials to testimonials. But if you’d rather read about them first you can find the featured write up in Spa Magazine.

Tibetan Singing Bowls from Silver Sky Imports. Be the first home on your cul-de-sac to have one!

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Diary of a Stay at Home Dad: What’s in a name?

Apparently I’ve been doing it wrong.  For a while.  Most of the time it’s on purpose.  But sometimes I just didn’t realize there was a different way, a better way.

It seems the titles of my posts are too long according to some.  Spelling out Stay at Home Dad is long form and not internet friendly.  Turns out Stay at Home Dads have an acronym.  Well color me surprised.

All this time I had no idea I belong to Stay At Home Dads.  Or SAHDs.  

Huh, who knew?  I think this is my first acronym.  Well other than WOP, which didn’t start out as a derogatory term for Italians, but an acronym indicating an immigrant had arrived on America’s shores With Out Papers.  Just so happens that Italians, by percentage, arrived With Out Papers more than any other immigrant group during the big wave of immigration in the late 1800s early 1900s.

We have our own shirts and everything!

We have our own shirts and everything!

Anyway I’m a SAHD.  I’m assuming the H is silent which would make us all SAD, although I’m not. To tell you the truth, go to any SAHD web site and they are generally sad or mad about something.  It could be some ill treatment they feel they’ve received from a women comedienne or they might be railing and wailing because they have been grievously wronged by a diaper commercial.  I had just such an experience not that long ago.  Wrote about it here: I’ll be takin these Huggies

But what do y’all think?  Is the H silent?  Comment below, you know the drill.

I’m not even sure how to pronounce it if the H isn’t silent.  No matter, I don’t think I’ll be saying it very much.  But I will be using it in the title of the posts from now on.  Because the one overriding characteristic of my life is that I’m lazy.  The only reason I “work smarter” is because the “not harder” portion is thrown in.

Not sure if there is an initiation or a pledge week, or some other high-jinx, you know fraternity style.  Is there a secret handshake, a high sign,  gang symbol?  I really need to do some research. Although not sure when I can do that since I’m SAHD’n all the time.

So yeah, SAHD.  I guess I’ll learn to like it.