Diary of a SAHD: Video – A girl walks in Knoxville.

On February 1st Anne Marie stood unassisted for the first time.  She was 11 months old actual, 7.5 months old adjusted.  We were stunned.  We felt like she may walk before she was an actual year old.  Well, not quite.  But we’ll take 15 months actual.

Yes she is walking!  She took her first steps a few weeks ago, but we didn’t want to declare her a walker until she could do something a little more sophisticated than the drunken sailor stumble for two steps and fall over. Well exactly 15 months after her birth she is toddlering, toddling, being a toddler, oh hell she’s walking unprompted for several steps at a time.

We’ve generally gotten passed the tears of the whole situation with AM and her departed twin sister Linda Claire.  But every once in a while something will happen to start the waterworks. This is one of those moments for us.  Peep the associated video.

So to shamelessly capitalize on my daughters major milestone, on Feb 1st I asked you , the loyal readers, to guess when she would walk by herself.  You can re-read the post here: A Girl Stands in Knoxville.  The person closest to the date would have their choice of a Frank’s Place T-Shirt or one of the original manuscripts of my book, Frank and Me…. Diary of A Stay at Home Dad. Editor notes, mistakes, etc… included.  Seen below.

psst... go for the t-shirt

psst… go for the t-shirt

Frank's Place T-shirt

Frank’s Place T-shirt











Of course we are now ready to name a winner.  But a problem has cropped up.  The person who won, and also guessed the date on the nose by the way, left no contact info and from what I can tell is no longer following the blog.

So we revert to the next closest guess.  That would be 13.5 months or 13 months 2 weeks.  And we have a tie.  It’s getting exciting now.

Soooooo  ANDREW TRAUGOT and SUSAN HUPP come on down!!! You have won the “When will she walk?” sweepstakes.  E-mail us at franknfran0967@gmail.com with your choice of prize and we’ll get that in the mail.  Congrats!

But, May524, if you are still following and reading this, your guess of 15 months exactly takes the prize.  Shoot us an e-mail to franknfran0967@gmail.com.

Hey, possibly three lucky winners.  We aim to please at Frank’s Place.

And Frank, all I can say is, brace yourself bro, you know not what you’re in for.

You mean it walks too?

You mean it walks too?















15 comments on “Diary of a SAHD: Video – A girl walks in Knoxville.

  1. mgm6565@verizon.net says:

    Awesome! Did Tracy get my email? im started a new 12 hr shift working fri/sat/sun starting June 30th…will be off mon to thurs all summer so hope to catch up with ya in august

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

    • fmlinardo says:

      Oh yeah. No problem. We figured it would be hard for most of y’all to make it. The trip down is tough enough but also being the middle of summer made even more so.

  2. joy says:


  3. Jane says:

    I love the look on Anne Marie’s face when she turns to look at Tracy saying yea! Priceless! See you Friday!

  4. Shirley says:

    Her look is priceless. It’s like ” hey you ain’t never seen someone walk before? It’s no big deal!!

  5. How adorable! I love that look she gives Tracey and then she just goes back to reaching for the toys.

    Also, we have Hi-Ho Cherry O and it’s an awesome game.

    • fmlinardo says:

      It is, but man it can be long. Add to that Frank makes us play until all positions have been decided. In other words once someone wins the rest of us have to play to decide 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.

  6. Yup! She’s toddling! Wonderful to be able to watch her progress!

  7. Yay Anne Marie from here too! Well done. She sure takes everything in her stride, no looking for glory just get on with the job of walking!! 😀

  8. sassyhupp says:

    🙂 This Makes Me Smile … Good For You Anne Marie!

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