Paid Advertisement: SilverSky Imports – Bowls that sing.

Are you looking for Hand Hammered Singing Bowls?  Yeah, me neither.  But if you were, the only place worth shopping for them is They have the largest selection of Tibetan Singing Bowls and thanks to modern technology crashing into the ancient art of healing bowls, each bowl has it’s own sound file.

Yeah, you read that right.  You can actually hear the sound each particular bowl makes before you buy.  This ain’t your dad’s Himalayan Healing Bowl merchant.  Shop the Himalayas without leaving your couch.  Just go to to see their massive inventory of everything from singing bowls to yoga accessories.  They have expanded their inventory to include crystal bowls too.  Very smart looking if I do say.

So when you gaze at your decor and can’t think of the one thing it lacks, go to and buy a Tibetan Singing Bowl.

Silver Sky Imports, if you don’t like our singing bowls, well, you just hate happiness.





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