Diary of a SAHD: What a year a baby makes.

July 26 2012

July 26 2012

So we’ve been doing a lot of celebrating with this kid. We partied a little when she came home. We partied hard for her first birthday. We then partied mildly hard for her baptism and her due date, which turned out to be the same day. That was by sheer coincidence of scheduling.

Now we just got finished with a small party for the anniversary of her being home one year. Hard to believe it’s been a year already, until we looked at the pictures from then till now. Trust me, there are tons of pictures. This business of the first child getting all the attention and the second child barely getting in a picture, yeah not the case here. I’m a little surprised we can even find shot of Frank amongst the avalanche of Anne Marie pictures.


As has become the norm with this kid, words are useless. Pictures tell a much better story.  And as I said we have a metric ton of photos, so for your viewing pleasure, one year at home….

From this...

From this…

...to this

…to this











From here ....

From here ….

...to this

…to here












From bath time...  Who farted?

From bath time… Hey who farted?

...to pool time.  Hey who farted?!

…to pool time. Yeah, alright, it was me.  I farted.











And finally from basically being immobile to walking in a year.  And yeah, that’s a golf club in her hand.  It was un-prompted, not staged, it’s just the first thing she picks up in the mornings. Probably a balance issue, but who cares.  Frank didn’t pick one up till he was two, and now he’s walking 18 holes with me at four years old.  She’ll probably be better than both of us in a few years.

So, happy one year at home kid.  Glad you decided to stay around for a while.

Just a cupcake, but still pretty nice.

Just a cupcake, but still pretty nice.

Yeah, good to be home.

Yeah, good to be home.

















14 comments on “Diary of a SAHD: What a year a baby makes.

  1. JETSR says:

    A nice journey through the last year of Anne Marie’s life. You all are blessed with two beautiful children.

  2. Lisa says:

    She is beautiful! Happy 1 year home!

  3. Linda Rogers says:

    As if these two special children have not already brought me many tears and laughs, I am again laughing through tears as I remember this happy, yet difficult year, through this blog. I am so thankful and delighted to have Frank and Anne Marie as my precious grandchildren. My heart is singing with unspeakable joy! Grammy

  4. joy says:

    LES mois difficiles sont derrière maintenant , ANNE -MARIE RATTRAPE LE TEMPS PERDU . Elle a toute la vie devant elle..;et sous le regard touchant et bienveillant ,des attentions de son grand frère,elle fera beaucoup de progrès : c’est son PHARE, sa LumièRE . Félicitations MAMAN et PAPA

    • fmlinardo says:

      Merci Joy. Frank a été en attente pour Anne Marie pour être en mesure de courir et de jouer. Il est très sérieux au sujet d’être un grand frère.

  5. Tom Paulus says:

    Fran all I can say is, What a blessing!!!!!

  6. KellyAnn says:

    ❤ ive only been around the past few months & she has been nothing short of one simply amazing, (tenaciously STUBBORN) piece of earth angel with a doll face & a streak of wild child to contend with; i am so blessed to get to be a very small piece in such a huge milestone of a year.

  7. Aw how lovely!! Congrats to you all.

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