Diary of a SAHD: Coming into her own – and then some.

Purple?  Don't mind if I do.

Purple? Don’t mind if I do.

WARNING: The following is a mix between quasi update and gratuitous daddy bragging on my daughter.  If you’re sickened by parents gushing on their kids, this post ain’t for you.  The next blog over is doing something on pro-football cheerleaders, knock yourself out.

On to the gushing.

The prevailing theory on micro-preemies is that they can catch up to their “normal” peers by two or three years of age.  To do that preemies will likely have various therapies after discharge from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  For Anne Marie that amounted to a speech therapist and an occupational therapist once a week.  Both are top notch people.

Because of them, AM is a good bit ahead of schedule.  To that end we have bid goodbye to Miss Kelly, the occupational therapist.  AM is 17 months old actual and 12.5 months old adjusted.  She’s doing some amazing things.  The doc was so impressed with AM’s abilities she felt there was no reason to continue.  Kelly had a lot if not all to do with that and we at Frank’s Place thank her for her service.

It was pretty obvious from the beginning she would not really face any serious physical issues. My fear, the one that kept me up at night, was her cognitive, or mental ability.  There is no guessing or approximating with that.  You’ll just know when you know.  My fears have been unfounded.

I got your kiddie gate right here old man.

I got your kiddie gate right here old man.

This picture is all the proof necessary.

If it’s hard to make out, she is building a ladder to climb over the gate guarding the stairs.  Not quite the Great Escape, but still damn impressive.  That is a full diaper box I mistakenly left in the kitchen.  She pushed it to stairs with the express purpose of jumping the gate. Therapy? Yeah don’t think so.  I’m not sure Frank can’t even do that now and he’s four.   Well he could physically do it, but he wouldn’t bother thinking about it.  Maybe he needs therapy.  I know I do.

The girl has made her presence felt in the hood too.

When she could crawl she would go to the door and look out the side window at the kids doing kid things in the cul-de-sac.  She wanted out bad.  So now that she’s older she can get out there, germs be damned.  And she’s announcing herself with some authority.

Right now she’s the only girl out there amongst five boys.  Until her neighbor Caroline gets to walking Anne Marie is dealing with them all on her own. That’s a tall order.

But I think she’s doing OK.

Once around the park James, you know how I love the park.

Once around the park James, you know how I love the park.

That’s not really James in the picture.  That’s our next door neighbor Bennett.  He’s the good hearted one of the hood.  When Frank almost killed him by pushing Bennett’s car into the curb at high speed, Bennett jumped out of the wreckage, gave his car a kick and a few choice baby words and turned to Frank.  Looked like some kid on kid crime was about to go down. But Bennett gave Frank a hug.  He’s a good kid. I was yelling at him to pop Frank in the mouth or at least drop him with a kidney punch once he had Frank in a hug.  But he didn’t, just hugged Frank and said it was OK.  Bennett my friend, we have to work on your road rage.

Just kidding Whitney.

While all this was going on, Anne Marie was sampling just about every toy in the street.

Not sure these boys know what they’re in for.

10 comments on “Diary of a SAHD: Coming into her own – and then some.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your stories are the best. i hope someday you put them all in a book.

  2. Mare says:

    Girl after my own heart! Guess she gets her escape skills from her Aunt Mare!

  3. gwes25 says:

    Glad to she is doing so well. My two were the same as yours, boy older than girl. Wait till Frank and the boys start with the tackle football and she wants in and they don’t let her. Then the trouble begins. Be prepared for her. To come home crying telling you they won’t let her play, or Frank coming in crying and saying AM wont let him play cause he isn’t good enough. Oh Yeah, by the way can I get that address for the site with the cheerleaders.

    • fmlinardo says:

      Ha. Yeah I think it will be Frank doing most of the crying. The first time she hits her driver farther than him or gets on the green before he does, Frank will go to pieces.

  4. Anonymous says:

    beautiful, humbling post. miss. girl has blown me away since the very first day i met her. ive been doing this 7 years and while i love all my caseload kiddos and focus to NOT have favorites; there are always a few that crash through the haphazard, half hearted creation of a professional boundary wall and stay lodged in the heart as a forever favorite; that is AM (and Frank. And you. And mom!). there is no such thing as a micro preemie who EXCELS every single goal and then some in a 5 month span…at least not til my miss. girl crashed through that wall too. i am humbled and at a loss of words for giving me the credit where it isnt all that due (But lets be serious, ill take it where i can get it!). you hit the nail on the head; miss. girl graced my presence for 1 single hour a week; it is you, momma, & frank the tank who has a lot, if not ALL to do with that. i will miss my miss. girl terribly but she clearly has plans for some bigger and better things; because everyone knows when a diaper box is being macgyver’ed, it is mission GO time! 😉 if y’all should ever need me, i am and will always be here, there, or anywhere miss. girl has chased her way to. xxoo.

    • fmlinardo says:

      Thanks Kelly. We just got back from a beach vacation. Your girl opened a water bottle that had previously been unopened. We still have no idea how she broke the safety ring. Then on the long ride home she snapped her fingers twice. Wasn’t in time with the music, but still.

      • KellyAnn says:

        OMG! she is incredible. she wont clap her hands for me but she will snap?! i hope you enjoyed your vacation, miss you all 🙂

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