Diary of a SAHD: Tis the season…for reruns and snot

Frank doing some editing for the show

Frank doing some editing for the show

No, no, no. There won’t be any posts to read about snot. Just my way of announcing the sickness has come to Frank’s Place again and the entire house is sick. To that end it might be a bit before I can post.

Until such time enjoy a few videos of a show Frank and I did when he was about 18 months old.

The Frank-n-Fran show never really caught on. The pilot was a little clumsy and the following two episodes never lived up to the hype. Here are a few reruns till the authors can get up and typing again.

Take a look and what the world was deprived of. Might be a second or two to load.

I mean it’s not Regis and Kathy Lee, but we had fun.


Hope to be back at it soon.