15 more minutes: A Frank’s Place post gets published

Well what do you know about that. Looks like someone rewound the clock on my 15 minutes of fame.

As you loyal followers know, Tracy and I differ greatly when it comes to college sports. She loves Kentucky and I love sports. I am a Tennessee fan, although I went through Maryland’s distance learning program for my BA in history while in the military and walked the stage in the Comcast center to get my diploma.  I am forever a Terp.

But I have become a big Tennessee Vols fan. It’s beyond cool to live five minutes from a major college campus. Even though my wife degrades Tennessee every chance she gets.

I once bought an orange pull over from Dicks Sporting Goods. She took it back. When the dude asked her what was wrong with it she said, “It’s orange.”  

I wrote about the trials and tribulations of rasing two kids in a house divided. It was mildly funny by my estimations. It didn’t get a lot of action, maybe a little less than normal.

Today, 26 January 2014, it caught the eye of a sports website that writes articles for the Southeastern Conference, of which Kentucky and Tennessee are members. You can find them here secwriter.com

They published my post titled A traitor in our midst. They’ve also asked if I might want to write a few articles on Tennessee sports and being a Vols fan. Well of course I do.

So I just want to say thanks for the loyalty, for constantly clicking and reading. I’m nowhere without y’all. Your support of Frank’s Place is the reason it get’s noticed. Up till now it’s been highschool english teachers using posts for their creative and vivid writing classes. But this, this is a whole different animal. So thanks to all of you.

My friend Andy said, “Don’t forget the little people.” Folks I am the little people. The writing still goes on here at Frank’s Place. So hopefully there will be a link to click in your e-mail tomorrow morning.

Here is the direct link to the post on secwriter.  A House Divided

Thanks again!

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8 comments on “15 more minutes: A Frank’s Place post gets published

  1. gwes25 says:

    You go Vinnie. Knew you had it in you. What “it” is, is still unknown. Good luck and send me a copy of your first article.

  2. Whoohoo!! I think I will wear orange this week, just in honor of your recognition! Oakcrest sure has some good writers among it’s graduates…

  3. Rabenold, Scott A says:

    Congrats! Enjoyed reading this last night!

  4. ~C says:

    No surprise…your discovery was imminent.

    Thanks for letting us in to your world pal.

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