Frank’s Place Best of 2014!

BEST_OF_2014_sidebarAnother year and another healthy line up of Frank’s Place posts. For you newbies, this is the final post of the year and the staff at Frank’s Place compiles the data, makes some hard choices and spits out the top ten posts based on times viewed, comments made, and Pulitzer Prize candidacy. However, this year we have an added twist.

The staff also painstakingly combed through the comments on these ten posts; the comments on the blog itself, and comments on the Frank’s Place FaceBook page.

From there, 3 commenters were selected at random by Frank and his Christmas candy induced hand tremors. Those lucky souls will have their coolness tickets punched by receiving a Frank’s Place T-Shirt, thus ensuring a stellar 2015.

Pic of said shirt is at the bottom of this post.

As the veterans of Frank’s Place are well aware I loathe those dopey awards shows that tease the fun stuff right up till commercial, only to make us all wait or in my case, change the channel back to the encore episode of Fat Camp: The Gorging.

Well we don’t go in for that stuff here. So here now the winners for 2014:

1. From the hinterlands of South Dakota, Frank’s Place faithful Joe Thornell!

2. From right here in Knoxville TN, University of Tennessee NICU nurse, our very own Jamie Brown Ward!

Well a bit of an awkward situation here. Frank pointed at two comments simultaneously. He went way heavy on the chocolate truffles. Ok, well since a new episode of Octonauts came on all but eliminating his attention span and the replay angle was inconclusive, we’re just going with 2 t-shirts for 3rd place.

3. All the way from Manitoba, located somewhere in America’s hat, newly minted grandfather and a brother in arms, Bernie Verreault!

3. As I said 3rd was a tie so, loyal friend of Frank’s Place – Mary Alice MacDiarmid!  Knoxville TN! Come on down!

OK gang, here is your task: I need a shipping address and t-shirt size. Use the blog e-mail:  They do come in onsies Bernie, so if you’re looking to get Lennon some baby clothes, we’ve got you covered.

Enough with the festivities, here’s what you came for. The top ten posts of 2014 in ascending order. Enjoy. I know I did.

11 Years with a Steel Magnolia Starting us off this year, a sappy offering that both melts the heart and questions the intellect of the THEY that decide what porous metal is assigned to what anniversary.

His first mug shot. So proud!

His first mug shot. So proud!

Kindergarten Part 2: Nosebleed and The Evaluation I do few things well, but making bad first impressions is one of my best skills. For those that sat near me in Frank’s kindergarten class, I’m sorry.

She Sees You When You’re Sleeping My yearly venture into the horror genre. My daughter left a few calling cards near our bed in the wee hours. Just to let us know that she could. Caution, read this one with the lights on.

Just Call Me Francis The journey of self discovery by my son continues. First he began taking himself to bed for naps, then he went and still is on a I don’t need that. kick which includes toys. Then he wanted to be called by his legal name Francis.

Kindergarten Part 1: There Will Be Blood/The Decision  This was viewed by 174 people and almost as many e-mailed me with an opinion.

Putting those carpet painting skills to good use.

Putting those carpet painting skills to good use.

Hurricane AM Hits Preschool The kid makes her first appearance in public life, following in her big brother’s footsteps to his old haunt – preschool.

World Prematurity Day No wrist bands, no lapel pins, just some recollections and a beg for donations to the University of Tennessee Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Chased From NY: Jimmy Fallon Saves Us So Mr Bigshot has a baby on Tuesday which means I get no respite from mine on a Friday. Plus protesters!

Finally A Parent or A River Runs Through It Almost 200 of you read and reveled in the calamity that befell me when I left my then 2yr old alone for mere minutes. It’s cool though, I always wanted a waterfall in my garage.

First Rule of Car Lobby Pick Up Lane Man this one struck a nerve. With over 200 hits it was the top post of 2014. Who knew waiting endlessly in line to pick up your kid at school would be such a hot topic?

The hot Christmas item this year

The hot Christmas item this year

So that’s it for 2014. These are the ten top posts for the year, as decided by you, the readers, the people who support Frank’s Place.

Without you my ego would almost be non-existent. Well, that’s probably not true.

See you in 2015!



Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 9.40.26 AM


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6 comments on “Frank’s Place Best of 2014!

  1. chef mimi says:

    Great Post! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Vinnie, great year and some funny stuff. Takes me back to when mine were that little. You remember them from soccer and softball. Now they are 30 & 28. It doesn’t get easier. Cherish this time. Keep it coming.

  3. tracye1 says:

    Good stuff! Especially the night stalking of your sweet girl! Hilarious!!! Happy New Year!

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