The Big Time: Frank’s Place get published!

Frank's Place is in this thing! Twice!

Frank’s Place is in this thing! Twice!

The book will be available for sale approximately 4-6 weeks after we receive final approval on the manuscript. We are targeting a release date of June 1 but hopefully a bit sooner. The book will be available on and as well as some select retailers. The likely price point will be $19.95. – Hogan Hilling

So yeah receiving that e-mail was a bit of a big deal here at Frank’s Place.

To clarify Al Watts and Hogan Hilling are the juice/muscle of the book. They are gathering stories from dads for a book called Dads Behaving Dadly II. Looking for contributors they somehow found me and asked if I would submit a few stories. I sent in three different stories thinking there is no chance in hell. I mean, the first book had actual authors, guys who are really good at this and do it for a living. The Dadly II book has real authors too. I am a hack who just writes like I talk. No recognizable skill there. Plus a lot of dads were sending in stories and the book can only be so big. So I just hit submit forgot about it.

Well, long story short, (see what I mean that was a horrible pun), two of the three stories I submitted made it into the book. I’m not sure I’ll even earn enough for my next round of golf, but I’ve learned something about myself. I’m a narcissistic glory hound. I’m much more enamored with the thought that something I wrote will be in a real book published by real people, Motivational Press, who do this sort of thing for real money, American money even.

Now the final editing process is in work at the publisher so there is still a chance someone with a functioning cortex will catch my stories and realize I snuck in through an open window in the back alley. But I’m being told the final process is just for grammar and spelling and to make sure no one dropped an f-bomb. Not sure why, but it felt like they were looking at me specifically on the f-bomb thing.

Anyway, two stories from Frank’s Place made the book. That means you made the book. Frank’s Place is nothing without the loyal readers, the clickers who click on every link I send out and read every story I write about my kids getting smarter than me by the day.

So thanks to all of you. You make Frank’s Place more worthwhile everyday. Take $5 from petty cash and buy yourselves something nice.

Oh and buy the freaking book. More info as we closer to the drop date.

(drop date: That’s insider talk for the publishing date)

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18 comments on “The Big Time: Frank’s Place get published!

  1. Carol says:

    Congratulations Fran! I can’t believe they only took two! Lots of love to all of you. xoxox

  2. TAL-2 says:

    Will you be wantin one of my coaches for a book signing tour?

  3. chef mimi says:

    That is too cool!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I’ll wear my Frank’s Place T-shirt in your honor today!

  4. Nancy Gatti says:

    Congratulations, Fran!!!!

    I love reading your stories. The last one about the medic alert had me laughing out loud. I could picture the look on your brother’s face. Priceless!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yay! Very proud of you! Now I can say I knew you when…… 😉

  6. Lisa Edwards says:

    Guess I shoulda put my name so you would know who knew you when! Lol!

  7. Marisa Stone says:

    Woohoo! So happy I know you, Fran! Can’t wait to see your words in hard copy print.

  8. JETSR says:

    Yes! You write well and deserve to be read by many more! Go Fran Go!

  9. graciesonnet says:

    That is awesome!!!!

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