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So we have a lovely new addition to the Frank’s Place Offices in downtown west Knoxville. The good people from NewAir sent us a NewAir water cooler. Well I think the PC term is water dispenser. Not sure who has issues with the word cooler but hey, these days you never know, so water dispenser it is. And as far as water dispensers go it’s a nice looking one.

That's high quality H2O

That’s high quality H2O

For the small price of a review on Amazon and a one minute video of us using the thing, Samantha, the brand manager from NewAir sent us our very own water dispenser. We’re still not quite the big time here at Frank’s Place but we’re movin on up.

The model we received has a hot and cold water tap. My first thought was, how many ways can Anne Marie burn herself or her brother with that thing? Turns out this thing has several safety features. I’m not sure if they were intended as safety features but that’s how they work in our house.

The hot water tap has this trick trigger mechanism. I think it’s called a pinch valve in the water dispensing business. There’s no way she could just lean on it and get hot water. She would have to use her fingers to pinch two smaller levers together and then push down or up to get hot water. On a bad day I’m not sure I could get hot water out of it.

No matter though because the hot and cold water have separate on/off switches in the back. In other words the thing is cooling the water but we have the hot water turned off so even though water will come from the hot tap it won’t be hot. Pretty nifty if I do say.

To top it off there are hot and cold water indicator lights on the front. So if little miss walking disaster area figures out how to get behind the dispenser and flip the hot water switch on, which she will by tomorrow probably, I’ll know it because the red light will be lit on front. It’s almost as if Luma Comfort designed this thing with Anne Marie in mind.

Frank and I shot a 2 minute commercial with my phone. It’s not Gone With The Wind mind you but it fulfills Luma Comfort’s requirement. Take a peak.

Frank zoned out on me there mid shoot. In his defense it was a two minute video and his attention span is pre-set at 1 minute 22 seconds.

Anyway, thanks to Samantha and the good folk at NewAir. Go check their stuff at




Paid Advertisement: SilverSky Imports – Bowls that sing.

Are you looking for Hand Hammered Singing Bowls?  Yeah, me neither.  But if you were, the only place worth shopping for them is They have the largest selection of Tibetan Singing Bowls and thanks to modern technology crashing into the ancient art of healing bowls, each bowl has it’s own sound file.

Yeah, you read that right.  You can actually hear the sound each particular bowl makes before you buy.  This ain’t your dad’s Himalayan Healing Bowl merchant.  Shop the Himalayas without leaving your couch.  Just go to to see their massive inventory of everything from singing bowls to yoga accessories.  They have expanded their inventory to include crystal bowls too.  Very smart looking if I do say.

So when you gaze at your decor and can’t think of the one thing it lacks, go to and buy a Tibetan Singing Bowl.

Silver Sky Imports, if you don’t like our singing bowls, well, you just hate happiness.





Paid Advertisement: Silver Sky Imports – Direct from the Himalayas!

Have you ever looked around your abode and just thought, “Ya know, this place is great but it’s missing that special something to make it a home.” Yeah me neither, but no matter. Silver Sky Imports most certainly has the one thing no home should be without. Singing Bowls. Yeah I said it, Singing Bowls.

Made in Tibet and Nepal, these little wonders add a touch of class to any living space. Plus they make music! How in the world is that possible you ask? Well go to the web site and they teach you how to play your bowl. I’m not kidding, these bowls really sing once you know how to play them. You can even listen to the sound each bowl makes before you buy.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

But Silver Sky isn’t just a one trick pony, they do more than bowls, they have everything from wooden healing masks to handbags. And who doesn’t need a good oak healing mask after dropping so much coin on a handbag?

The site has everything from tutorials to testimonials. But if you’d rather read about them first you can find the featured write up in Spa Magazine.

Tibetan Singing Bowls from Silver Sky Imports. Be the first home on your cul-de-sac to have one!

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Paid Advertisement: Sherrill Tree Equipment – Not just for the pros anymore.

This is a paid advertisement for Sherrill Tree Equipment.

Yeah, I’m big time now.

Way back when, in a state far far away, Jersey to be specific, me and two of my closest friends decided to do my mom a favor and cut down three tall pine trees she wanted removed from the back yard. It was going to be pricey to get a pro to do it. So we said, “Well, can’t be that hard.” Turns out it wasn’t. Trees will generally fall to the ground once you start cutting into the base. The issue quickly became where were they going to hit, how much damage would they do, and how maimed and mangled would we get in the process.

You don’t have to live with that uncertainty anymore. Sherrill Tree has been in operation for 50 years. While they cater to the pros of the tree cutting business, they now provide a great website for us civilian types. They have it all, from instruction, to safety equipment, to the essential tools needed to take down a tree. For me and my buddies, the safety equipment would have been nice, as well as a little instruction on how to direct a tree away from the house.

I think the cooler feature about Sherrill Tree is how they also equip other types of tree enthusiasts. It’s well known we at Frank’s Place digs smarts. Well Sherrill Tree deals with tree care professionals but also connects quite frequently with other tree-climbing enthusiasts including educators, scientists and fun climbers.

That’s just smart right there.

Sherrill Tree: tree equipment

Paid Advertisement: Deal Dash – It’s the real deal.

Have you ever seen friends on your facebook page show up with a picture like this and the words, “so and so likes…” next to it?

Deal Dash

Deal Dash

I have, and now I finally know what it’s all about. It’s from a web site called DealDash.

Deal Dash is a penny auction site, where apparently you must have the patience of a mongoose ready to strike a cobra. It’s a lot like that other site that starts with e and ends with Bay, except it’s more exciting, all products are new, and shipping is free and immediate, not dependent on seller.

Gotta be honest, I had my doubts but I’ve been checking the site out for the last two days, reading the reviews, etc… It’s legit folks. Those deals they have on their home page are real. What I found in the reviews is patience is the key if you want to land those really incredible deals. So time will be as big an investment as your pennies. And it is truly a penny auction. Each bid is a penny at a time. The bids always start at 0.00 American dollars and each bid pushes the price up one penny at a time.

The site has a frequently asked questions tab for some good help before getting started and according to the reviews the support people may be the friendliest on the internet.

So if you have the time and the pennies and like the excitement of winning stuff, take a run at DealDash.

DealDash – If you can’t get to a casino, it’s the next best thing!

Paid Advertisement: Attention all gear/motor heads…

… and all you people smart enough, or should I say crazy enough, to still be working on your own cars. Have I got a deal for you. Well, not me, but Vast Auto Parts does. Vast Auto is a web based car parts store in Los Angeles. The site is amazingly user friendly. In my experience, which is not vast, (see what I did there – jokes are free, car parts aren’t), most car parts web sites are not easy to navigate for the casual or weekend car fixer upper type person.

Vast Auto, however, is very easy to use, plus they have live chat if you need immediate help. In Addition to that, you get free ground shipping if you live in the lower 48. That’s a one stop shop experience for all things auto my friend.

Need auto parts…come to Vast. It’s a blast.

Vast Auto Parts – car parts in los angeles

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Hey, this one is for all my concert goers, especially you Latin lyric lovers. Looking at you Coyne. Ticket America has some great Latin shows lined up coast to coast; from Los Angeles all the way to my home town of Atlantic City. That’s right, Atlantic City, the city so nice we didn’t have to name it twice.

But they’re not just one trick ponies over at Ticket America. They have stuff for you New Agers too. You know who you are.

Now if you’re really hard to please and those choices don’t work for you, first seek counseling, then go to Ticket America anyway, you’ll find a concert or concerts for your style of music.

Click away my friends. Your welcome.

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This advertisement brought to you by Ticket America – if you’re not getting your tickets from us you must not like music or, you know, have any style.