Off Topic – 2nd Frank’s Place T-shirt give away! Who won?

It’s time once again to thin out the inventory.  Frank’s Place passed the 10,000 visitor mark late last night.  Since we went live just this past November, the 21st to be exact, we at Frank’s Place thought 10K in visitors was worth celebrating.  Yes our arms hurt from patting ourselves on the back.  Plus my daughter broke the 3lb barrier, it’s Kentucky Derby weekend, and Cinco De Mayo.  I’m sure there are a few other reasons to celebrate, but hose are the few that immediately come to mind.

So read on.  If you see your name take a bow and then e-mail me your shirt size and shipping address to  We have both mens and women’s sizes so be specific.

A little refresher on last months categories and winners:

Early Bird: non-blogger division – Marisa Stone, USA

Everyone Has an Opinion: non-blogger division  – Becky Kraslwasky, USA

Follower From Another Country: blogger division – Nate Wintle, Ya’an, Sichuan, China

The categories have changed a little as of course did the winners.  Good luck.

Everyone Has a Political Opinion: Non-blogger division  –  This goes to the person who showed the most interest in the political side of Frank’s Place by being the first to comment on a political article.  The Down Goes Cain article caught her fancy and it’s translated into Frank’s Place gold.  Congratulations to Maggie Marshall, USA!

Keyboard Connoisseur: Family division – The next Frank’s Place t-shirt goes to the family member who has commented the most at Frank’s Place.  Thought this would go to one of my 7 brothers or sisters, as they are very active here, but they have been edged out by one of the cousins.  I believe they wish to be referred to as the Awesome Cousins.  Not only is she my cousin, but she happens to be the sister of today’s first winner.  Big ups to Kathryn Marshall, USA!  Kate has her own blog.  Find her here: Kate’s Scrapbook

Keyboard Connoisseur: Non-family division – From the homeland, and an active member of Frank’s Place, we appreciate the interest this person has shown in our work.  Congrats to Chris Coyne, USA!  Coyne is the CEO of his own leadership education company.  Go to his web site: modeof8

Follower From Another Country: Blogger Division – Few people know this but we’re only part Italian, the other part is Irish.  So it gives me great pleasure to award this next shirt to a fellow blogger from the west coast of Ireland.   A friend once told me God put the Irish on an island because if He didn’t they would rule the world.  Who knows, but they just got their first Frank’s Place t-shirt.  A hearty comhghairdeas (congrats) to Ellie, Ireland!  For all things Ireland: great pictures, information etc… go to her blog here: Emerald Pie

Remember winners, e-mail your size and shipping address to me at  Men’s and women’s sizes available.  I also have one Children’s Small, so if anyone wants that for their child instead of a shirt for themselves, please specify.  T-shirts pictured below.


Off Topic: Oh Nutella, where have you been my whole life.

Seriously, how have I not known about this Nutella stuff before.  It is truly amazing.  A little 16oz jar of hazelnut goodness.  As my buddy John would say, “It’s will change your life.”  Amen brother, amen.  We happen to get a little jar of the stuff from a friend.

Awesome in a jar!

You’re a bad person Reita, a bad, bad, person.  But we truly thank you Reita, for the flowers, the gift for Frank, and for my next visit to the ER for hazelnut poising.  Even my mother-in-law is all over it.  She said, “I could drink this stuff.”  Hahaha, and she’s a healthy eater.

Thank God I didn’t find this stuff while I was still in the military.  They would have literally bounced me out on the fat boy program.  I mean a myriad of reality shows would have been knocking down my door.  1 Ton Dad, Return to Fat Camp, Biggest Loser, are just a few that come to mind.   I may have even got on Celebrity Rehab.  I’m not a celeb, but that’s some good TV.  I love that show.

Anyway, right now, as I sit here and type, I am bloated from the 3 Nutella and bread sandwiches I just ate, in rapid succession.  I couldn’t walk this off if someone was pushing me in a buggy.  I can hear the jar right now, calling me, daring me to go for another one.  The bread is not speaking, just nodding in agreement.  I would do it  too, but I can’t standup.  Might have to do a few sit-ups tomorrow.

Well maybe Thursday.