Diary of a Stay At Home Dad: I told you so…

Man, I had no idea.  I’ve mentioned it several times in posts about being in the NICU but I really had no idea how true it was.

Nurses are just badasses.  Two of my sisters and the NICU nurses who saved Anne Marie were my only frame of reference to this point.  Now a friend recomended a blog by an oncology nurse at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, also known as CHOP, who had cancer as a child and twice as an adult costing her a leg, found out she was pregnant in 2010 when that should not have been possible, and is now dealing with cancer again.   If you read anything this weekend, read this blog: little lisa lollipop

The Author: Little Lisa Lollipop

The Author: Little Lisa Lollipop

If you like what you read or feel the desire; hit her tip jar on the way out to help her in the fight.

As most of you loyal followers are aware, we like smarts at Frank’s Place, but we also like tough.

This girl has both in spades.

Badasses, there is simply no other way to say it.

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little lisa lollipop

Diary of a Stay At Home Dad: A girl stands in Knoxville!

Grainy, like a Sasquatch photo

Grainy, like a Sasquatch photo

Apparently a certain premie missed the memo.   She ain’t supposed to do that yet.  Or is she?  The picture to the left is her standing unassisted. For the first time.  Ever.  The picture is so bad because I had to haul the mail (my posterior) to my office to get my phone and then haul it back to 1. take the picture and 2. be there in case she experienced gravity for the first time.

So I was one for two, sue me.

Why is this a big deal aside from the gratuitous bragging of any father who thinks his kids are more special then everyone else’s?  Well, to you it probably isn’t, but for us…   I mean, I can’t even tell you the day Frank walked for the first time.   He was into his 15th month, I know that.  It was a special moment as it is for all of us when our kids walk or stand for the first time, but this moment with Anne Marie has a little more excitement and quite frankly a little more surprise in it then when Frank first went bi-pedic.

Now she’s not walking, just pulling herself up on to her feet.  But we’ll take that.  She’s 10 months old technically.  But she was born 3 1/2 months early so her adjusted age is 6 1/2 months old.  You get the hang of the definition and mathematics of “adjusted age” pretty quick when your kid weighs 1lb 12oz and is 12 inches long at birth.  What gets hard to keep up with is development milestones.

She smiles when she farts, oh is that supposed to happen at 5 months actual or 2 months adjusted?  (apparently that’s not really on the milestone chart, who knew)  Her melon is as big as a volleyball – crap, is it supposed to be that big at 6 months actual or 3 months adjusted?  It can be a guessing game.  I’ll admit a fun one sometimes.

Standing at 10 months actual.  No guesses needed.  That’s freaking huge.  I don’t even care where it falls on the development chart.  The bigger issue is the problem solving she engaged in.  Using the rungs on the chair she hoisted her self to her feet.  She’s under the kitchen table because she wanted to see what’s under there. That’s not reflex, that’s thinking and curiosity.  For me those are better indicators then her actually standing.

Here is what she looked like at 1 week actual, negative 3 months 1 week adjusted – meaning still supposed to be in the womb.

Great grip for a baby 3 months pre-mature.  Another golfer I think.

Great grip for a baby 3 months pre-mature. Another golfer I think.

At the time of this picture we really weren’t sure she would ever open her eyes let alone stand.  That’s my not very fat or very long finger she’s holding.  She was barely longer than my hand at that point.  So to go from the picture on the left to this one –

Caught ya!

Caught ya!











– is a pretty momentous occasion for all involved.  And no I didn’t cry, something flew in my ey… yeah OK I cried a little.   Yeah alright I cried a lot, but not like a school girl cry, well maybe a tough school girl.

Anyway, then next important question is what would she do with her new found skill. That was an easy one.  No need to check the milestone chart, age adjusted or otherwise, for that answer.

Don't mess with the premie!

Don’t mess with the premie!

She opened a can of pint size azz whuppin, that’s what.  In technical terms she converted the potential energy generated by standing up straight, into kinetic energy by comin off the top turnbuckle with an atomic elbow and falling at 9.8 meters per second per second (3.22 ft per sec per sec for you english only folk).  Or in this case sliding sideways off the ottoman after losing her grip, landing squarely on her brother.  Same thing really.  It is.

Trust me man, I’m a scientist.

But I’m also a betting man.  So now that she has stood upright like those Homo Erectus, (Erecti?) so long before her, it’s time to take bets as to when she will walk for the first time.  Make your guess in age by months.  In other words she stood up at 10 months actual, will she walk at 12 months actual, 13 months actual etc…

Once she does take those first steps Frank and I will come back to this post and pick the person closest to the number one way or the other.





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Frank’s Place T-shirt

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psst… go for the t-shirt











So guess away in the comment section.  Lets hope we get a winner sooner than later.